Gruber Companies

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Industry: Tesla Repair Facility

Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, CMS Management, Inventory Control, 3rd Party Integrations, Custom Scripting, Social Media Integration with Chat Forum, Knowledge Base to hold a variety of information for servicing vehicles, eCommerce store for over 30k unique parts

Description: The Gruber companies are a collection of synergistic businesses engaged in high-tech ventures. Founded in 1984. The Gruber companies corporate headquarters, located in Phoenix Arizona, consists of 4 primary departments; Communications, Power, Technical, and Motors. This project was a massive undertaking by Aaron Gurney while Paragon was at a standstill due in part to the uncertainty of things in the year 2020. The company was in dire need of an updated website for their customers as well as an internal audit and update of their product database and management system. With the amazing technical skills of Mark Schaffner and Nick Gribbin, they were able to clean up a majority of their internal system. This in turn leads to their eCommerce products being more easily updateable via automatic import which is helpful in an industry where pricing, as well as inventory, can change frequently. The website is now being managed by Jesse Benedict who came on around October of 2020.